Cocoa Hunters in Mexico

Back at the end of February, Brett and Rob headed down to the southern states of Mexico to visit the birthplace of cacao.  They got their hands on some beans from both Chiapas and Tabasco for our third Limited Edition Reserve Collection.

Most of us associate great chocolate with Europe, but the Aztecs were the ones that originally introduced the magic bean to the Spaniards.  To this day, the majority of the cacao grown in Mexico is consumed instead of exported. Cacao is consumed in chocolate bars, in mole, and in a variety of drinks that range from bitter to sweet.  The formula of the drinks vary from region to region. Interestingly, the majority of cacao harvest in Mexico is not fermented.  This gives Mexican chocolate a distinct, earthy flavor.

Enjoy this little video of the trip.  Full recap of the adventures coming soon!

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