Alternative Sweeteners-The New Healthy Trend

Agave, palm sugar, maple sugar...the alternative sweeteners trend is big right now. Orthorexia is the new eating disorder-a fixation on healthy eating, but to the detriment of your health. We're constantly on the lookout for guilt-free foods that carry no mental weight.

Low glycemic index, better for you, less calories. We love healthy eating as much as you do, but it's not necessary to take it to the extreme.

And that's just one reason we stick to good old fashioned cane sugar.

Because we're all about the chocolate, the chocolate flavor, that is. And there is more to it than that.

Alternative sweeteners also would affect all of our recipes.

How we producer our chocolate would be affected by changes in density, viscosity, and the way the chocolate and sweetener behaves in our equipment. So we won't even go into how complicated it would make things.

Why Sugar is Good

If it's not sugar, any other sweetener will adulterate the chocolate's true flavor, whereas cane sugar is still the purest sweetener out there.

We put a lot of effort into getting the best beans, and we want their flavors to shine. Cane sugar is the only sugar that enhances chocolate, without taking anything away.

All our single origin chocolates are dark chocolates as well, never containing more than 30% sugar, with the exception of our Tres Rios Limited Edition bar at 68%.

So to stay health, stick with dark chocolate. It provides many potential health benefits, including decreased risk of stroke and heart attack, weight loss, diabetes prevention, and improved skin and mood.

What Do You Think?

Let us know what you think of our chocolate, and if you use or prefer some other type of sweetener, please let us know in the comments below. 



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