Madagascar, Ecuador, Ghana, Papua New Guinea – chocolate bars come from all over the globe.

Some are made in the country of origin, others made right here in the USA.

More and more frequently, you'll be hearing the phrase "single origin" in reference to chocolate. So what does this mean and what is it all about?

Take a wine from a Napa estate versus an everyday table wine. Then take a chocolate off the grocery store shelf and put it next to a single origin. That is the difference we're talking about.

Single origin chocolates are made from cocoa beans from a single farm, producer, cooperative, or small region, akin to a fine wine made from select grapes from a specific vineyard.  And your everyday table wine is made from grapes that could be from just about anywhere, just like your everyday chocolate, made from beans that could be a blend of beans from different countries and locations. 

Just as single estate vineyards put the utmost into getting the best wine from their grapes, great care and attention is put into harvesting, fermenting, and properly roasting single origin beans to make the best chocolate, 

Chocxo imports its own beans and makes its chocolate here in Irvine, CA and we are focussed on producing unique single origin chocolates. You can even come tour our factory, learn about every step of the process, and taste our chocolate before buying.

Right now, we are producing three different bars from Ecuador, and we'll provide more information about each producer we get our beans from in future posts! So continue to follow us on our journey through different origins and check back in soon. 




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