Jeff Stern at Hacienda Limon, Ecuador

Welcome to Chocxo! My name is Jeff Stern and I do the chocolate making at Chocxo. 

Through our blog, we'll tell you all about how we make our chocolate, answer your questions, and help you develop your expertise in chocolate, so follow us here.

Let's start at the beginning - the beginning of chocolate, that is.

It all starts with the bean. 

Chocxo is all about beans, and quality ones. We focus on using only fine flavor cacao in our chocolate. What is fine flavor cacao? 

Well, there is no strict scientific definition, but in basic terms, it comes primarily from Latin America and the Caribbean (and a little from Madagascar). It's not your everyday cacao that comes primarily from Africa and Asia-the stuff that goes into your average chocolate bar.

Fine flavor beans make up only about 5% of world cacao production, and is distinguished by its distinct flavors-providing less deep chocolate flavor than you'll find in everyday chocolate, but more floral and fruity notes, as well as other hints of flavors you won't find elsewhere.  Many of the varietals that make up fine flavor beans are more prone to disease and lower-yielding than bulk cacao varietals.  

We pay substantially more than market or Fair Trade Price for our beans. That's because we work directly with cacao farmers, cooperatives, and producers to get the best quality-and go direct to the source. We don't use brokers or buy from a third party.

To make the best of the beans, we focus on single origin chocolate, which means we don't blend or mix our beans with lower grade beans. 

Look for our new first run of single origin bars from Ecuador coming soon. And check back here for more chocolate news and information soon!



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